Friday, December 27, 2013

4 Days

Yeah 4 days before school for 2014 year starts.
4 days before i will be call as spm candidate. 
4 days before i leave this social media(not really)
4 days before i need to sleep with the books
4 days before i can't get enough sleep
4 days before my life starts over and normal
4 days to struggle very very hard to obtain such a good grades

But i will take that as a challenge for me, to be a successful student. I want to make both of my parents proud of me. Yeah so let's open a new chapter of my life. 

But before that, let's enjoy this 4 days to sleep till noon, eat non-stop, online and watch movies. 'Cause i know i wont being able to do that next year. Let's just pray that all this crap will become true.

Happy Friday everyone. Assalamualaikum xx

Gracias for reading.. ;)