Tuesday, November 26, 2013

sad isn't?

Sad to think how the first time we met,
Sad to remember how we could be so closed,
Sad to think that we used to share our secrets,
Sad to figure out how wonderful and lovely that moments it was,
Sad to think how time and place separated us,
Sad to know that we're drifting apart,
Sad to tell yourself that things is not like before,
Sad to lose someone special to your life,
Sad to think about everything we've been through.

But one thing for sure, there is must be a reason behind all these.
I don't know what but i will figure it out someday.
I just hope we will meet again in another few years.
By that time, i will be calling your name with hope you still remember me.


Gracias for reading.. ;)

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