Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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 I am listening to bruno mars singing when i was your man. oh hello by the way. It was so loooong until i've got the time to spend with my blog. Yeah, God knows how busy i am living in this life, especially in the upper form life. To be honest, today is already 5th November 2013. And tomorrow my seniors will be sitting for spm. Im very sure they all are shaking now. Same goes to me even my turn is next year. I don't know. This world is moving way fast.

I just sat for my finals last week. How's that? you better don't ask. I screw everything!We'll just see how my results gonna be. I just hope i will stay in 5 hayyan next year. I don't want to separate with them 'cause i love you guys.

"What am i up to?" Yeah i guess for now i will be going to school to finish studies for this year. Oh how many days we left. Actually i'm so lazy to go to school. But for the sake of biology assignment. i have to. It's okay. This last time should be well spend with my friends.

I guess that's all for now. I will keep updating but not every day. Maybe every week,every month or every year haha who knows! Even no one reading this, i feel so happy 'cause i can express my feeling here. I don't know. I find it is so interesting to sit infront of the laptop and update your blog while listening to some songs. Plus in this weather ahhh you gotta love it!
Alright take care byebye xx
Gracias for reading.. ;)

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