Tuesday, December 18, 2012

With His blessing

What the hell i'm doing here? Okey. Short post only for tonight because i should wrap myself in my blanket right now. So, tomorrow is the day. Only Allah knows how i feel. Those feelings are undescribe. To be honest, i can't sleep when i think about my result. Everything that i do is just all wrong. Maybe it is because of scared,flatter,nervous and whatsoever. Main thing i should know and keep reminding myself tomorrow is, no matter how many A's do i get, i have to accept t wth redha. Exam passed about a few months ago so, i can't turn back time. I don't have any power to do that. Tomorrow is the result for my three years studied. I don't care about all the promises. I just want to see both of my parents, proud of me.That's all. Give me the chance to make them happy, because for all this while, i had troubled them so much.

So, to all 97's kids in Malaysia, i wish all the best for you! No matter what happen tomorrow, you have to accept it. I told myself that for a billion times! So that i wouldn't cry if i don't get what i've been wanting for. f you pass well, says Alhamdulillah. If you don't, do not end up by locking yourself n your room and cry all day long. The world is not going to end. Maybe your time has not come yet. Maybe in SPM. Hope tomorrow all of us will cry with the tears of happiness!

I will end it here. See you guys in another post after my result. Goodnight babies xx
Gracias for reading.. ;)

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