Sunday, November 11, 2012

8th November 2012..

Salam Ahad everyone. I've been longing to write this post since last two days ago. Ahaha but no time as i was busy watching movies and my brother used this laptop. Actually i'm kinda bored when holidays begun. I have nothing to do. I know i just sat for my pmr and next year i'm already 16 years old. Its like time flies so fast and you don't even realise it. Yeah i did heard about others pmr candidates, study about form 4 subjects. Sometimes i do feel so dumb but who cares... Right? This is my holiday and i wanna enjoy it! Even i know one day, i will be saying ' it's such a waste for not using this free time ' Let's proceed to the main.

So today is Sunday and Thursday was the last day for students spent their time at school. Except for Spm students. But right now they have breaktime for about one week. So use this time seniors! Last Wednesday, we really had a good time. All students of 3 Ibnu Rusyd were having their lunch with Mc'Donalds and KFC. It was like the last meeting and gathering of us. We're doing this because next year, we have no idea if we still meet again or not. Maybe some of us going to another school. Or go to another class in the same school. I will be so grateful if all of us are still in the same class next year.

Here it is! Family of 3 Ibnu Rusyd. One guy was not here, Faaiz. He went back so early. Guys, i will never forget us! All great memories we had together. Trust me. It was the best moments in my life. Hope we will lasts forever.And I hope we will pass with flying colours in our Pmr. Insyaallah :)

And on Thursday, it was such a sad moment. But we pretended to be happy with a fake smile on morning. Linda texted me to bring powder ahaha that was crazyy. I brought my camera to snap pics with others. At noon, we walked around the school before Zuhur's. I met a lot of people. My beloved one like kak Adnin, Adlina and Amirul. Hehe others are my beloved one too but these persons are too important to me. I did took some photos with them. Ahaha wanna see them? Sorry i didnt upload them on facebook yet. Just wait okey?

After that, we played powder that we brought from home. Hahaha know what's funny? We were caught by our discpline teacher. We hide that powder immediately when she came! Some of us ran away but lefted me with diyana. She asked Diyana who was the mastermind and diyana just shut off her mouth. Diyana told her that she didnt even know where that powder came from where else her shirt was so dirty with powder hahaha! Then she went away and talked crap things about us. Like we care huh? But it was a sweet sour memories on the last day school. Okey finish that part.

Then our Pk Hem announced that students are allowed to be back by 1;30 pm. So we went to mosque and did our job.By the time we're about to go back home, all of us were pretty sad. And when it came i shaked my hands with diyana, i hugged her then her tears rolled down on her cheek. It was only her who's crying. Not even me. Maybe she felt sad because she was afraid not being able to see me again. You know i've known her since she was in standard 3 and until now, we're still in the same class. That was awesome right. Don't worry friend, we will meet again some other time. I love us. Then proceed with other friends and we're saying sorry each other. Then i went with Huda because she already promised me to go back together. Then on my way i met Adlina again. We did the common things and i tend to hug her. But it was just for a while.. I want to hug her so longgg but it seemes i was in rush since Huda already wait for me. That's how my sad story ends. I can't hug them for a long time. Duhh this is so sad.

And now i'm missing them so much that turned my mood into :-(  Seriously i wanna meet them so much. But i know i have to wait. Okeylah. That's all for today. Till we meet again in another post.
Have a good day everyone!
Gracias for reading.. ;)

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  1. Huhu.. How i miss that so mush.. Our swit sour memories.. :-(